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15.04 | Anastacia em Portugal.
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A Anastacia regressa a Portugal para actuar naquele que é considerado um dos maiores, senão o maior, evento de entrega de prémios realizado no nosso país, a gala dos Globos de Ouro.  A cantora será a grande atracção internacional do evento emitido na SIC, no dia 18 de Maio, domingo.

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14.04 | Prémios Regenbogen.
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Esta sexta-feira, dia 11 de Abril de 2014, Anastacia marcou presença no evento alemão da rádio Regenbogen, onde recebeu o prémio de Entretenimento e Caridade e ainda cantou 'Stupid Little Things' e 'Left Outside Alone'.

Appearances> 2014 - Radio Regenbogen Awards, Germany - 11/04
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08.04 | Na Alemanha.
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Desde o início do mês de Abril, Anastacia está na Alemanha para continuar a promoção do seu novo single 'Stupid Little Things' e álbum 'Resurrection'. Em baixo terás acesso a um resumo de todos os eventos, aparições e entrevistas que deu até agora à imprensa alemã. Visita ainda o seu site oficial para um resumo-diário escrito pela própria [aqui].

Agenda na Alemanha:
> Entrevista à BL Kultur 04/04/2014: ler mais.. | ver fotos..
> Entrevista à Hallo Deutschland 05/04/2014: ouvir mais..
> Entrevista à Bild Deutschland com Sandra Basan 06/04/2014: ler mais..
> Entrevista à rádio Gong 96.3 07/04/2014: ouvir mais..| ver fotos..
> Entrevista à rádio 95.5 Charivari 07/04/2014: ouvir mais.. | ver fotos..
> Entrevista à rádio Bayern 3 07/04/2014: ouvir mais.. | ver fotos..
> Entrevista à DPA Deutschland 08/04/2014: ver mais..
> Entrevista à rádio SWR1 BW 08/04/2014: ouvir mais.. | ver fotos..
> Entrevista à rádio Hit FFH 09/04/2014: ler mais.. | ver fotos..
> Entrevista à rádio HR3 09/04/2014: ler mais.. | ver fotos..
> Entrevista à Radio 7 09/04/2014: ouvir mais.. | ver fotos..
> Entrevista à rádio Antenne 1 09/04/2014: ler mais.. | ver fotos..
> Entrevista à rádio RPR1 09/04/2014: ver fotos..
> Entrevista à rádio Regenbogen 09/04/2014: ouvir mais.. | ver fotos..
> Entrevista à rádio WDR 2 10/04/2014: ouvir mais.. | ver fotos..
> Entrevista à rádio Neandertal 10/04/2014: ouvir mais.. | ver fotos..
> Aparição no Radio Regenbogen Awards 11/04/2014: ver vídeo.. | ver fotos..

Performances > 2014 - Wetten, dass..?, Offenburg - 05/04
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04.04 | Entrevista So So Gay.
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Durante a sua estadia em Londres, Anastacia deu uma entrevista à So So Gay, revelando informações acerca da digressão, próximos singles e muito mais!

Destacamos o facto de ela ter dito que adoraria começar a digressão em Outubro mas que, com certeza, a mesma só iria ter lugar em 2015. Anastacia ainda disse que os próximos singles serão 'Lifeline' e 'Staring At The Sun'.

I feel them often, they’re quite fun’- Anastacia chats to So So Gay

Anastacia has one of those voices that’s instantly recognisable and after a very public battle with cancer, she is back with a spanking new single and a new album. So So Gay sat down with Anastacia who was in more than a very cheerful and jokey mood as we discussed her fans, her battle with cancer,  her ‘resurrection’ and more.

So So Gay: Welcome back!
Anastacia: "It’s awesome to be back. It’s so wild to be doing these interviews all over the place. I really love what I created last year. Everything worked so magically together, I didn’t know I had all these songs in me, I hadn’t written in a while but geez Louise, when I go back and listen to it, apparently I have resurrected, this girl has had a lot of stuff to do and it’s been bottled up inside, and she’s ready-ready to take her little crown back.

I’ve been loaning it to all these girls, I’m sorry, I need custody rights. I love these little girls going for their stuff and doing their thing. I’m just like ‘Can I borrow some of the crown and spotlight and share it for a bit.’

So So Gay: Are you going to be doing anything provocative?
Anastacia: "Besides remove my breasts? No. That’s about as provocative as I’ll get, put a new pair on my body, and they’re awesome. When you see a little cleavage, that’s about as provocative as the girl’s gonna get.

I feel them often, they’re quite fun."

So So Gay: I’m sure a lot of people want to feel them.

Anastacia: "Well, I’m taking bids; I’m putting it out there. Let the money begin for all takers."

So So Gay: You’re loved so much by your fans and by the public.
Anastacia: "The feeling is so ridiculously mutual for my fans. I call it my fanily for a reason. My Twitter handle is Anastaciafanily. It’s not me without them. There would be no me without them. As I was going to be going on, I had to include them, their name needed to be a part of it.

I never used to have that one on one connection with the fans, and to be able to Tweet and respond and be laughing at what someone was saying. Interacting and social media has changed so much since I started out, it’s an awesome change. It’s a great connection that I can have with them.

My fans understand that I respond when I need to respond, I don’t sweat the small stuff if there’s a negative person. I don’t have haters yet…My following is small and my Twitter is not controversial."

So So Gay: Well, this is just the beginning of your Resurrection, like the album, what’s the thinking behind the title?
Anastacia: "Years ago, someone had said to me, ‘Did you know your name in Greek means resurrection?’ I looked it up and the Greek meaning of Anastacio is resurrection and I thought my mom was in the right frame of mind to give me a big name.

I named the perfume Resurrection instead of naming it Anastacia. And then once the cancer came back, I was like this is my ‘resurrection’ album and I was like Resurrection, I told my manager, I hadn’t written a thing, and it felt like this was my comeback album, coming back from so many different things.

So many things have happened in my life, and I really do feel that is part of being able to strip down, bare all, including going through a complete health situation that really did bring me to embryo state where I had to learn how to use my arms, and get motion back in a different way that a mastectomy does, because my mastectomy included my lats.

There are certain mastectomies where if you’re a previously radiated person, you can’t use that tissue to cover that implant. I couldn’t use my pec.

There are such good advances these days that you can use for the process. There’s the stomach which most women often use because they get a free tummy tuck and then there’s’ the upper glute muscle, that you don’t need, and the lat muscle.
Unless I wanted to be a row boat professional or a skier, I don’t really need my lat muscle, so I said ‘OK, I don’t plan on being on the rowing team, so I said sign me up.’

It was so painful, I thought, what the hell was I thinking? However, the outcome was so great, amazing and brilliant, and the pain is so worth it.

It’s so awesome how much the technology has advanced these days and they can make you feel like instawoman.

After you’ve healed, here I am since April 31 and today. It’s a comeback situation to have a mastectomy Even though it’s a hard decision to make, maybe Angelina, Sharon and me, we’re showing that it doesn’t take away your femininity.

So So Gay: Well, you look fantastic.
Anastacia: "I’m so happy about that because you know, I feel it. I’m excited, I can bounce around and they don’t give me a black eye anymore."

So So Gay: How has the whole process affected your songwriting?
Anastacia: "I really do feel blessed, it pointed me to a healthier me – the first time, not so much. I didn’t alter my eating or how I was living. I’m not drinking alcohol anymore; it wasn’t hard to give up, just knowing what alcohol does to the immune system. Today I went to Crussh, and was like, ‘Can I have a Goddess with ginger?’ It’s interesting to be that kind of person you know. Before I was into Doritos, it was a staple. Doritos are a food group, that was my philosophy. Now, I would not do that. I can’t eat organic everywhere cuz I’m in a hotel, I travel with my nutribullet and juicer."

So So Gay: What’s your favourite song on the new album?
Anastacia: "It’s very difficult. I haven’t done it live yet so it’s hard at the beginning. ‘Lifeline’ really sticks with me in a hardcore way, and then ‘Staring at the Sun’ – I would have chosen that as the first single, but my manager chose ‘Stupid Little Things’.

‘Lifeline’ will be a single after ‘Staring at the Sun’, which I definitely want to be the second release.

I love ‘Apology’ and I love ‘Left Outside Alone, Part 2′  but I don’t think that can be a single. ‘Broken Wings’ is beautiful. I’m really proud of the album. I’m so proud of all the songs. I’m going to have a hard time deciding which ones to perform on tour.
The album cover for Resurrection."

The album cover for Resurrection

So So Gay: Everyone wants to know, when are you going on tour?
Anastacia: "So do I. It’s definitely coming. We’re working with the touring companies, figuring out venues. I have a feeling we’ll touch on it before the end of the year, and 2015 will be full on. My dream is to get out for October, if not, then it’ll definitely be 2015."

So So Gay: Who are your musical inspirations?
Anastacia: "Wow, I think I’ve been inspired by so much music, I didn’t even know it. I was recently speaking to my sister, I said I know the whole Squeeze album back to front; I’d never played it in my entire life. I bought it on iTunes, I knew every song, and my sister played it religiously. We had rooms next to each other; she was into U2 and venturing into music more than me.

My mum was in musical theatre. She was inspired by her lines and music, singing what she was doing. It was very Broadway. As a kid that wasn’t my thing, but I do love a musical, I’m a sucker for it."

So So Gay: Is Broadway something you’d like to do?
Anastacia: "Because there are so many days of work, no. If there were a musical with three shows a week, maybe four, I’d be all for it, but seven to eight shows? Are you kidding me? This diva does not work like that. [chuckles]

Let’s just make a part-time musical and I would share the role with another person. I don’t think they’d go for it, but I’m going to put it out there.

I don’t think the musical would be the same every night because I’m a girl who beats her own drum, so, I might just put a line in there or a lyric that spontaneously that doesn’t exist. I do that on stage a lot when I’m performing in different cities,  I put in my own schtick."

We have had lots of questions from Twitter fans. We’ve picked three quickfire ones to ask you: @cheralyzed wants to know: What do you miss about Chicago, and are you a Cubs or Sox fan?
Anastacia: "I was never either one. I love everything about Chicago, I am so Chicago, from the rooter to the tooter, I haven’t even lost my accent."

@brentjf asks: Have you ever had a stalker?
Anastacia: "Yes. [laughs] But I gotta…appreciate…the love."

@shelovesshoes asks: What do you love about London?
Anastacia: "The humour 100%, hands down. The sense of humour got me, the UK is something I’ve always related to. I love the tube, you can’t hate something you can use to get around. I grew up in New York and Chicago, and they’re very metropolitan like here. I have to do it in LA, I need a car. I prefer not driving, I prefer tubing it."

@quietbatpeople says: Elly wants you to know she loves you.
Anastacia: "Thank you. I’m so happy that everyone is all abuzz. I appreciate everyone being so patient and being so open to hearing what I have to sing. I’m so overwhelmed by that relationship with the fans."

Artigo completo:
30.03 | Amici di Maria De Filippi.
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O canal televisivo italiano, Canale 5, emitiu este sábado, 29 de Março, pela primeira vez, a aparição da Anastacia no programa 'Amici di Maria De Filippi', onde a cantora se estreou a cantar 'Stupid Little Things'. Em baixo podes ver as suas duas actuações e entrevistas e visita a nossa galeria [aqui] para fotografias.

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