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Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing

On August 19, 2016, Anastacia confirmed on the BBC Radio 2's Chris Evans Breakfast Show that she would be a contestant of the fourteenth season of British TV show, 'BBC Strictly Come Dancing', broadcast by BBC One.

Explaining why she decided to sign up for the dancing tv competition, the singer said:

“I have always been a fan of this TV show and admired each contestant year after year… I have seen many people have a positive experience on this show [...] I am not a dancer… I am looking forward to having fun doing something I have never done before. [...] I am not really competitive with others as much as I am with myself. The word perfectionist may be fitting. When I set my goal on something I get what I want.”

Partering with professional dancer, Brendan Cole, and joining several celebrities, Anastacia has decided to donate all her earnings from the show to a Breast Cancer charity. 

Visit the official website here.

Music Loves Fashion by ALDI

Music Loves Fashion by ALDI

In the end of July 2017, German discounter, Aldi Süd, has announced the launch of a new fashion collection called ‘Music Loves Fashion’ in collaboration with Anastacia.

The clothing line are on sale in all Aldi Süd outlets from September 14, 2017 and it includes bags, jeans, t-shirts and more!

"The entire collection is absolutely for me and my style. We have skinny jeans with ripped effects or rivets, biker jackets, many shirts with cool prints. Such little details that I really like!" - Anastacia

The new collection will first be presented at a fashion show held at E-Werk in Cologne on September 7, 2017.

Anastacia eyewear by Blumarine

Anastacia eyewear by Blumarine

Anastacia and Blumarine have teamed to create a collection of eyewear, a collaboration that stems from a longstanding friendship between the singer and the Italian brand’s founder and designer Anna Molinari, the "Anastacia’s Capsule Collection for Blumarine Eyewear".

"We’ve been friends since 2002, she designed clothes for my tour in 2004 and I was there when Anna needed, with a phone call or just sending her a flower,... [said Anastacia, referring to the tragic death of Molinari’s husband Gianpaolo Tarabini in 2006] It came from a conversation; I’d been interested in doing a line of glasses, and asked her if she’d think of working together.” - Anastacia

The Anastacia’s Capsule Collection for Blumarine Eyewear has a selection of 10 models in different colors, both optical and sunglasses exclusively created by Anastacia herself. All of the glasses will have small sparklers and a silver A resting on the arms.

The collection will be officially on sale on Blumarine [both online and in-stores] on April 16, 2016 and distributed for some countries, not just Italy. 

Resurrection Collection

Resurrection Collection

On December 2015, Anastacia joined the world of jewelry with a line called 'Resurrection Collection' created by Briana Erin, the designer behind Tat2 Designs, an independent american jewerly store.

From $132 to $175 (120€ - 160€), you are able to buy bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

"I'm super excited to announce The Resurrection Collection - Anastacia by Tat2. 
I've teamed up with Tat2 to create a collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings - each cast in solid pewter and plated with sterling silver or 24k gold.
Take a look at the full collection and I'm looking forward to seeing you all wear these to come see me on tour next year!" - Anastacia

Visit the online store here.

Škoda Auto

Škoda Auto

On 2011 Anastacia joined Škoda and in partnership with DJ Tiësto, composed a song called "What Can We Do (A Deeper Love)”, for this car brand.

Later on 2012, the official music video of the song was recorded and the commercials for Škoda Citigo in Prague, Czech Republic, which came to be broadcasted on television of several European countries.

All You Can Dream

All You Can Dream

Back to 2010, the world got to know that Anastacia was invited to be part of a very special movie produced by Valerio Zanoli and recorded in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. 

The story line features a young girl with some extra weight who has very little self-confidence and is helped by her guardian angel/favorite singer, Anastacia. Her dream is to become a singer so for that, she joins a singing contest, “All You Can Dream”, much likely “American Idol”, and shares her talent with the world. She is visited throughout the movie by her imaginary friend, Anastacia, who she later meets in real life during the competition. Anastacia helps the girl to change her perspective of life and she progressively acquires self-confidence and modifies her eating habits.

Apart from Anastacia, the cast counts with Laural Merlington, Scott Mellema, Blake Price, Lynn Shackelford, Hali Mason and Laura Shank.




"Resurrection" was the first fragrance of the singer, developed with a label called, LR. Throughout her life, Anastacia, searched for a perfect fragrance and that is why she has always been part of the creation of the Resurrection products.

A perfume reveals a lot about a person and Resurrection was, for Anastacia cutted to its measure. Resurrection is Anastacia. This fragrance was tested numerous times in order to please both women and men so everyone could use Resurrection. 

"I tested the fragrance asking men if they liked the aroma. And the answer was always the same: Wow, just amazing!” - Anastacia

The Resurrection complete set includes four products: Eau de Perfume, Perfume body, Perfumed Shower Gel and Body Lotion perfumed.

Nowadays the “Resurrection” products are no longer available on the market however, there is another LR product available that has the same smell called ‘Outta Love’. 

Anastacia by s.Oliver

Anastacia by s.Oliver

The clothing line, Anastacia by S.Oliver, was created on August 2006. 

“I have had the idea of designing my own collection for a long time, but waited for the right partners. s.Oliver came along just at the right time. We got to know each other and found that we not only harmonize well together as a brand, but also have the same ideas about the look of Anastacia by s.Oliver. There are many points that need to be considered when designing a collection; what trends are in, what colors, what fabrics, what styles… That is why I am happy that my work with the s.Oliver design team is going so well and that we are implanting these themes together. For example, I think it is also very important that my clothes can be worn in different sizes.” - Anastacia

Anastacia by s.Oliver reflected her versatility and style of Anastacia herself. According to her, it was a “sensual, feminine and sexy” clothing line. For that, a stylized “A” was adopted as its mark. 

On November 2006, Anastacia released a limited edition CD called “Welcome To My Style” that was an offer to all the customers who spent more than 60 euros while purchasing products from “Anastacia by s.Oliver”:

  1. Underdog
  2. Get Ready
  3. Boom    
  4. Funk Medley

“As a stylist/designer, I (Anastacia) discovered a new facet of my person. I think it is very good the fact that I can keep following my passion, constantly being accepted and learn during the process. I would say that is what makes me happier now. The theme of this year’s photo shoot is “Behind the Scenes”. It means that (in the collection) we will not only look behind the cameras in the world of entertainment but also let people see my card, give them glimpses of my personal life. It is important because all my collections are a part of me.” - Anastacia

During the time in which the clothing line’s brand was out, Anastacia presented many collections.

On July 2008, the contract with the German label s.Oliver ended and since then, Anastacia never explored the fashion world again. However, she considers coming back. 

Anastacia Fund

Anastacia Fund

On January 2003, after recovering from her first breast cancer, Anastacia wanted to create a foundation with her name and the aim of disseminating information about the disease, especially to women affected by breast cancer who have no history of disease in family.

To develop the idea of founding the "Anastacia Fund", Anastacia joined Evelyn Lauder's beauty products company, Estee Lauder, which created the Foundation for Research on Breast Cancer in America in 1993 (Breast Cancer Research Foundation) .

Thus, the foundation of Anastacia raises funds and offers them for research, development and dissemination of breast cancer. According to Anastacia, all women should receive help in the fight against this disease through the funds raised and investments by it and its fans.

To reinforce the concern and commitment to the fight against cancer, Anastacia has participated in several events related to cancer, such as the "Women Rock" and parties organized by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

For more information contact:
The Anastacia Fund--BCRF 
Attn: Pat Altman 
60 East 56th Street 
8th floor 
New York, NY 10022

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